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Allergens & Ingredients

Genetically modified foods

We share the concerns over the indiscriminate use of GM foods and additives, and wish to reassure our friends and patrons that we never knowingly use such ingredients. All of our main suppliers of fresh meats, vegetables and fruit have assured us that their produce is GM-free. Any canned goods used, particularly including our vegetable cooking oils, are checked for the inclusion of GM materials to try and eliminate their use in our kitchens.

However, as we use so many different ingredients in the preparation of the wide range of dishes that are served to you, it is impossible to give a 100% guarantee that no Genetically Modified material is present. We do give you our personal assurance though, that all efforts are taken to ensure that you are served with a meal that you would be happy to prepare in your own kitchen.

Artificial Colouring

Certain Indian food has often been characterised by a distinctive vivid red colour and indeed, the most popular Chicken Tikka Mosallah, would not appear to be the same if it wasn’t presented with its familiar bright red coating. However, this red colour is achieved by the use, or more likely the over-use, of various artificial colouring agents which are not present in the original Indian cuisine. Recent research has suggested that the ever-use of some of these colourings could be harmful and has recommended that their use be more carefully controlled.

Mindful of the need to provide you with a healthy, tasty and wholesome meal, cooked in a traditional style and manner, we have decided to limit the use of artificial colouring in all our dishes. We are sure that you ill appreciate this health conscious move on our path for your benefit and also believe that you will taste the real flavour of the ingredients as a result.


All our dishes are prepared in a kitchen that uses gluten, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish, nuts, mustard, milk and other dairy products. If you suffer with any allergies or intolerances, please make the restaurant aware at the time of ordering.